Installing SCCM 2012 Prerequisites

Recently I had to install several SCCM 2012 servers with different Site Server Roles. So I thought it would be a good idea to do this unattended with the help of a batch file. I created the following table that might be handy to sort out all the different prerequisites command lines.

Because it was kind of difficult to edit the table in the post editor I created a picture of the table and included an extra table with the specific command lines so you can copy it for your own purpose.

PreReq Command Line
NET Framework 3.51 Core ServerManagerCmd.exe   -install NET-Framework-Core
NET Framework 3.51 Full ServerManagerCmd.exe   -install NET-Framework
Default IIS configuration ServerManagerCmd.exe   -install Web-WebServer
Remote Diff Compression ServerManagerCmd.exe   -install RDC
ISAPI Extensions ServerManagerCmd.exe   -install Web-ISAPI-Ext
Windows Authentication ServerManagerCmd.exe   -install Web-Windows-Auth
IIS 6 Metabase Compat ServerManagerCmd.exe   -install Web-Metabase
IIS 6 WMI Compat ServerManagerCmd.exe   -install Web-WMI
IIS 6 Mgmt Compat ServerManagerCmd.exe   -install Web-Mgmt-Compat
ASP.NET ServerManagerCmd.exe -install Web-Asp-Net
Dynamic Content Comp ServerManagerCmd.exe -install Web-Dyn-Compression
Static Content Comp ServerManagerCmd.exe   -install Web-Static-Content
Default Document ServerManagerCmd.exe   -install Web-Default-Doc
BITS ServerManagerCmd.exe   -install BITS
WDS ServerManagerCmd.exe   -install WDS
BranchCache ServerManagerCmd.exe   -install FS-BranchCache
Network Policy Server ServerManagerCmd.exe   -install NPAS-Policy-Server
NET Framework 4.0 dotNetFx40_Client_x86_x64.exe   /q /norestart
WSUS 3.0 SP2
WSUS 3.0 Update

Hope this helps with your own SCCM implementations.
Best regards,