How to resize your Health Icon in Visio with OpsMgr Dashboards

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The last couple of days I helped a customer with creating some Service Monitors in Operations Manager 2012 including dashboards. The dashboards were created with the Visio Extensions for System Center 2012 which can be found here. In these dashboards I wanted to resize health icon of the Distributed Application.


Normally you can resize a Visio shape easy by using your mouse, but this specific object isn’t a normal Visio shape but a shape from an icon set which can be found under Data Graphics. If you want to know more about creating your own Data Graphics in Visio check this URL.


After some digging in Visio I found out how to resize a shape from an icon set.

  • Enable developer mode in Visio Options
  • In the ribbon an extra menu “Developer” is shown.
  • Select the OpsMgr health icon and click “Show ShapeSheet” which can be found under “Developer” menu.
  • Choose for the option “Shape”.
  • A new window will be displayed. At the top of this window you will see “Shape Transform” with the options: Width and Height
  • Changing the value from “=GUARD(0.25 in*DropOnPageScale)” to “=GUARD(0.5 in*DropOnPageScale)” will double the size of the shape from the icon set.
  • Job done

Hope this helps to optimize your dashboards with the Visio extensions of System Center 2012.